I had such a lovely chat with Shelley on her podcast, and I was immediately delighted by her smile and positive energy. The shifts she is helping make in other people’s lives through storytelling and positivity is quite admirable, and I am thrilled to support her in any way possible! I also had a chance to read some of Shelley’s work, and her writing is pristine. Clear and concise, with lessons that are truly timeless!

– Jordan Gross, Author of “What Happens in Tomorrow World?”

Shelley is a solid interview guest. She is engaging and delivers her content with personality. It is more of a conversation with Shelley rather than questions and answers.

– Erik Johnson, Sr. VP of Programming – iHeart Media

Shelley is a bundle of sunshine, humor, and professionalism. She was on my podcast, Going North and she lives the message that she writes about. Positive people are still human no matter how long they can smile through adversity. Invite Shelley to speak at your stage whether it’s virtual or in-person to share valuable takeaways on being a realistic optimist.

– Dominique Brightmon, Coaching and empowering others to share their stories

Shelley is an absolute delight with so much energy. I had the most amazing chat and podcast interview with her- and laughter. She is so inspirational and makes you feel amazing too. I love the work that she does. I love listening to her podcasts and would highly recommend it. I look forward to seeing her speak in person in the near future. Thank you for helping me get my story out there.

– Zeenat Noorani, Mental Health & Wellbeing Therapist

“I had the pleasure of listening to Shelley speak about death, based on her knowledge through nursing and personal experience with people close to her, and she was captivating and entertaining. Doesn’t seem right given the subject matter, but Shelley articulated an intelligent, thought provoking and unique perspective that got us all hooked. Her talk was tinged with sadness but masked by humour and humility, and she had us in the palm of her hand. Shelley is a one of the best speakers I have listened to and should you be fortunate enough to hear her speak, you won’t be let down, she is a one off!”

– Graham Harris, Inventor and Number 1 Best Selling Author

“Shelley manages to inspire you to live a better life, through her speaking on death. It’s an amazing feat – and one she does with an incredible amount of humour – she is properly funny. It was a joy to hear her speak, and I would seek her out to hear her again. Thank you Shelley!”

– Kirsten Goodwin, Career Coach and Speaker

Shelley is a truly inspirational person, she has so much to give. I had the opportunity to listen to Shelly talk about death, the subject no one wants to talk about. Shelly makes this subject so much more comfortable and easier to talk about. she is compassionate, has the right amount of empathy and will hold the audience attention. I would definitely recommend Shelly without hesitation.”

– Chad Marshall-Lane, Health and Social Care Trainer and Trans Speaker on LGBTQ+ Issues

“A skilled and engaging speaker that manages to tackle the tricky subject of death so beautifully and honestly and yet with a lightness and humour that just has to be seen. Shelley shares her own experiences both personally and throughout her career as a nurse. Shelley will make you think, laugh and you will leave feeling motivated to live your very best life. Simply fabulous. Highly recommend.”

– Verity Johnson

“The topic of death is one that most people shy away from but Shelley has this ability to speak about the subject in such a great humorous way that puts you at ease whilst tackling the tricky stuff. It was a pleasure to listen to such a natural speaker.”

– Philip Mallourides, Inspirational Speaker, Accountablity Partner and Business Workshops

“Shelley is just awesome to listen to. A laugh a minute, even with the most serious of subjects.”

– Ilze Lee
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