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Hello there, beautiful. Welcome to the trailer for season three of Positive changes a self kick podcast. I’m your host Shelley F night and I’m author of positive changes, a self-kick book and good grief. The A to Z approach of modern day grief healing, which is out in September, 2021.

Can you believe the show is one year old?

It started back in March, 2020, just me a microphone and my book positive changes, a self kick book. We’re just a few episodes in when you beautiful listeners reached out and wanted to come and share your own stories of positive change and the tools you use to do so. We then had season two of 50 inspirational stories of positive change, and season three will be just as inspiring.

In season three, I have cried over a story of suicide.

“If you are someone who has lost someone to suicide, please know that it had nothing to do with you. And it’s not about you. There wasn’t anything that you could have done to rescue them. It’s poorly, entirely upon them finding that moment of bravery in the most dire of situations, and part of letting them live in peace in the afterlife would be to live in peace in gold.”

I also ask so many questions about mediumship and the afterlife.

“There is an afterlife. Now that sounds really kind of funny. You’re silly, but there are people who that I’ve encountered that go. Well, I don’t know if there’s an afterlife. So that is probably the number one lesson that those in spirit want grieving, loved ones to know I’m I’m here, I’m in a different, um, level of consciousness, but I’m absolutely fine. And I’m still right there with you.”

I absolutely loved the resilience, as I learned about the ongoing mental health issues and the positive changes.

“You know, every few months I had a recurrence of the lowest point in my life and I could feel it coming like, you know, I’d have the deepest, darkest two months of my life where I’m thinking about ending my own life every day, I’m completely reclusive and shut in. And then I go into a period of mania and I’m like, I’m out of it. This is great. And then I feel that rumble like, Oh, now I’m about to have the worst two months of my life. Again. And it happened like that in cycles for a decade. So it’s difficult to tell somebody, like when they ask what was the hardest part, I’m like the hardest part was every two months, for 10 years, it like kept happening like Groundhog day.”

A story of forgiveness showed so much gentleness.

“We all come into this world as the pure beings and then. Something happens to us with the experiences that we have in our life and the pain. And we mess up our lives so much. Like it is so easy to do for some reason, nobody just has a perfect life. We all make so many mistakes and it’s about forgiving yourself and letting go from the state.”

And, Oh, my goddess, I have lost so much with a story, spiritual growth.

“Uh, like we went to a country park and there’d been like a squirrel there and just feeling like a connection and all the other kids were like, just play in and like not in a Zane with the squirrel.”

In season three, we have even more inspirational stories to share. We’re going to be looking at anxiety, marital affairs, overcoming alcoholism, sexual abuse, domestic violence. Career changes, grief, suicide, spiritual awakening, body image, adoption, poverty, abandonment self-worth, sexuality, visual impairment, and depression.

Be sure to subscribe today, so you’re ready and waiting to create positive changes when we come back on Wednesday, the 17th of March. You can subscribe in so many places, including Apple podcasts, Amazon music, Spotify, Google podcasts, pod chaser, Deezer tune in and listen notes. And you can even subscribe and watch me and my lockdown roots on the Shelley F night YouTube channel.

So subscribe today, your future self will thank you.
I’ve been Shelly F Knight and as always, you’ve been amazing.


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