S3E34: Emotional Eating with Dauna Needom


?In this episode of POSITIVE CHANGES: A SELF-KICK PODCAST, Shelley F. Knight talks Dauna Needom aka D.M. Needom, an award-winning author, and former bassist, television model, backup singer, and radio personality.

Besides working in the entertainment and Insurance industries, she has helped offer guidance with intuitive tarot readings and offering some clients her mediumship skills.

Originally from New Orleans, she now calls the North West Burbs of Chicago her home. While her first marriage offered her the experience of being a step-mother, true love was elusive until she met her second husband. They spent sixteen wonderful years together before he passed after a long illness. Now she shares her daily world with her Cavalier, Cami, and Chloe Kitty.

? Join Shelley and Dauna as they talk emotional eating, loss, grief, apologies, fear, and positive changes.



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