S3E14: Understanding Psychosis with Grace Grossmann

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A truly important story about the impact of the pandemic on mental health.

🎙In this episode of POSITIVE CHANGES: A SELF-KICK PODCAST, Shelley F. Knight talks to author, and yoga and wellbeing coach, Grace Grossmann.

👥 Join Shelley and Grace as they discuss the pandemic and its impact on society’s mental health, stress, psychosis, creativity, connection, and positive changes.

S3E11: Past Life Regression with Steve Burgess

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What if the key to unlocking your best life was hidden in your past life?

🎙In this episode of POSITIVE CHANGES: A SELF-KICK PODCAST, Shelley F. Knight talks to author, clinical hypnotherapist, and past life regressionist, Steve Burgess.

Steve is author of Famous Past Lives, and The Power of Past Life Regression, and has been been practising as a hypnotherapist for 29 years and in that time have completed over 15,000 therapy sessions.

👥 Join Shelley and Steve discuss anxiety, physical ailments, hypnotherapy, and positive changes.

Parenting After An Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis

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As a parent, when we sense that something is different about our child, this can be just the start of a long journey towards seeking clarity and a diagnosis. When a child is diagnosed with a condition such as an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), some feel relief, whilst others experience complete shock. Parents can feel overwhelmed, stressed, and even grieve as we realise the life we once knew is lost.

S3E9: Grief Recovery with John Offord

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Are you ready to hear an emotive story around death and the search for answers?

🎙In this episode of POSITIVE CHANGES: A SELF-KICK PODCAST, Shelley F. Knight talks to BBC Freelance Broadcast Journalist, Producer, Director, Broadcaster & Media Trainer, John Offord, about the plot twist of his life that occurred in 2013 when both his father and brother died within days of each other.

👥 Join Shelley and John as they talk about bowel cancer, mental health, judgement, dying, death, grief, and positive changes.

Following My Life Long Dreams and Seeing the Gift of Life – Guest Shelley F. Knight

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I had the pleasure of sitting with Shelley F. Knight from the UK. We discussed following her dream to become a nurse and mother. We talk about her travels before she started her nursing journey and how it settled her before she started her longer nursing journey. Her journey to become a nurse took some interesting twists; however, her journey to become a mother was more difficult. We talk about life and death. Healing and saying goodbye to the ones we love. Left nursing as she was worried that the toxicity that she was always around was harming her chances to conceive. We talk about how you have to keep going if you really want something, no matter how tough it might be. We talk about what moved her into pursuing her spiritual journey and embracing tarot as a daily. How she went from nursing to becoming an Author and podcaster. Also, teaching her kids to embrace their spirituality.

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