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Grief is closely associated with death but can be triggered when we lose anything with which we have an emotional connection: a job, a relationship, health. Much that can be read about the grieving process is outdated and can serve an injustice to our rapidly evolving, modern society. In conjunction with recent medical and societal advancements, new and complex presentations of grief have arisen. As a result, our own journey through grief must also evolve in order for us to effectively heal and even flourish as a result of our experiences surrounding loss.

S3E27: Self Discovery with Ben Gardner

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?In this episode of POSITIVE CHANGES: A SELF-KICK PODCAST, Shelley F. Knight talks to life coach specialising in Wellbeing and Empowerment, master NLP practitioner, and founder of transformative education company, BG Blueprint, Ben Gardner.

? Join Shelley and Ben as they talk connection, inner conflict, limiting beliefs, self discovery, mindset, vulnerability, and positive changes.

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