& Happiness Podcast Episode 41: Grief & Happiness

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Grief seems to be an unusual topic for happiness but yet it is an essential part of our life – where there is life, there is loss and with any loss comes grief.

Some of us will rush through grief whilst others get stuck in it. And in both cases we don’t appreciate the positive, healing aspects of that process.

In this episode, Shelley F. Knight, a chemotherapy and end of life nurse who is now a writer and the author of “Good Grief – The A-to-Z Approach of Modern-day Grief Healing” shares how to grieve well.

The Death Dhamma Podcast: We are ALL Grieving Something

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“When we talk about grief people think it’s the death of a loved one and it’s not just that – that’s bereavement. Grief is the loss of anything with which you have an emotional connection. It could be your health, a relationship, a dream, your self-confidence, or something else.”

And yes, grief can also be part of losing someone you love. It is there when you recognize that the plans you thought you had with this person are gone. Shelley mentions after her father died that she realized he would not be there to walk her down the aisle when she got married. Or to meet his grandchildren.

When we open up our definition of grief, we can see that we are all grieving something. That is part of the human condition. It’s awkward, and it is beautiful. We do not need to hide it, we need to normalize it.

The truth is that each day, we might be letting go of a plan, a dream, an idea. It might be about meeting a friend for lunch, it might be around losing a job, or perhaps you woke up ill.

At any given time each of us is grieving something.

S3E36: Life, Love and Loss with Robert Attenello

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?In this episode of POSITIVE CHANGES: A SELF-KICK PODCAST, Shelley F. Knight talks with Robert F. Attenello (Bobby) who has always had a passion for creative writing and poetry. He’s very spiritual, but as a lifelong construction worker, he has a slight rough side to him.

? Join Shelley and Bobby as they talk cancer, second chances, love, relationships, living your best life, spirituality, and positive changes.

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