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Shelley F Knight’s 10 best spiritual books

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Some people find happiness through shopping, a bottle of wine, talking with friends, or some form of physical exercise, but for me, I simply find solace in the pages of a book.

Maybe it stems from my childhood where as an only child I would often express, search and find answers through creativity or reading, all I do know is that I am a bookworm through and through. Some books I leave unfinished, but others are like a companion who really understands who I am, and in turn, greatly impact on my life and the next step I choose to take forward into the unknown.

Parenting After An Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis

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As a parent, when we sense that something is different about our child, this can be just the start of a long journey towards seeking clarity and a diagnosis. When a child is diagnosed with a condition such as an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), some feel relief, whilst others experience complete shock. Parents can feel overwhelmed, stressed, and even grieve as we realise the life we once knew is lost.

Hello Sunshine: Six Ways to Solar Power Up Your Soul & Divine Connection

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As we find ourselves in times of fear and uncertainty, we may be feeling low in mood and energy. It is during such times that we must endeavour to let go of what we cannot control, and focus on what we can rely upon. Mother Nature is one of life’s certainties, and by providing our daily light with the sun, we are constantly reminded and encouraged to learn how to rise up and shine every day, too.

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