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Armchair Aerobics

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It appears that I’m now of an age where I can no longer eat what the hell I like and boast about my super duper metabolism. Nope, now a minute on the lips starts to slide down onto my hips, thereby creating a padded cake shelf, which I could blame on having had four children, but it wasn’t there before the autumnal nights of red wine, chocolate and savoury snacks slipped into my life

Unicorns and Mortality

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The word January originates from a Latin word meaning “an obligation to ask everyone if they had a nice Christmas” or “What is your new year’s resolution?” Actually, as you have probably already concluded, that is not based on a true story. January is named after Janus, the god of new beginnings and transitions, so there is a tenuous link between making resolutions and new beginnings.

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