Your Heart And You


I have recently found myself reading a book by the same title, which is predominantly an holistic guide to achieving a healthier heart. However, the book also proposes that we have two aspects to our heart; the physical heart and an emotional heart.

Our emotional heart contains are expressions, senses, feelings, metaphors, experiences, hopes, fears, aspirations, and the core of our very being. Our life struggles echo in our emotional heart, and are believed to have implications for our physical heart too; anxiety, depression, anger, hostility, pain, fear, and rage, will all cause the stimulation and release of hormones, such as cortisol and noradrenaline, which have a damaging effect on our physical heart, and can even lead to heart disease (or should that be heart dis-ease?)

Maybe there is more to the saying “get things off your chest” if we do indeed carry all of our problems in our hearts. Our heart is such an amazing organ, many of us have had our heart bruised, stabbed, or broken, but the heart still carries on, as do we. We believe that many of our traumas are kept in our memory and mind, when actually, maybe they are just hidden away in the depth of our heart. Maybe to “get things off our chest”, we should have a “heart to heart” with someone, or even ask our own heart how it is and for how long it has been feeling the way it does.

The next book I intend to finish after many years of gathering dust, is The Healing Code by Alexander Loyd and Ben Johnson, where they to proffer that the majority of our illness and diseases are held in our heart, not our mind, and can be simply healed through are neuro-immune system, rather than painfully always reliving an event through our own words.

I have believed for years that people truly can die from a broken heart, but always thought it was just due to my romantic side that I believed this, but maybe I was not as far from the truth after all. Science keeps discovering and informing us how intricately entwined our emotional and physical states are, and how an imbalance in one, leads to a loss of balance or norm in the other. To be honest, Hippocrates spoke of such things over 2,400 years ago, but I for one, will always whole heartedly enjoy reading ‘new’ scientific findings on the subject matter.

“We may know something, in the head, for forty years. But it is not until it has touched us in the heart, that we really take notice of it.” Carl Jung

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