Young Love


Although my husband and I have known our handsome little eight year old has been with his girlfriend for over a year now, we have never actually seen the two lovebirds together until tonight. You would expect some awkwardness or detachment with such young love but it was surprisingly beautiful to watch these two children having an absolute connection. They have the combined age of sixteen which is still classed as young love but there was actually a maturity about their bond. They get each other, they make each other laugh, there was banter and the whole finishing each other’s sentences thing going on.

The boring realist in me thinks ‘they are only eight years old’ and it won’t last forever but this smiling mum who grew up watching far too many Disney movies, whereby you fall in love with your first ever boyfriend and live happily ever after, thinks this coupling could be one of those adorable childhood sweetheart stories to tell the grandchildren.


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