Wishful Thinking


My husband and I were recently outbid on a house we liked and went for.  Our forever home.  Or was it? Truth be known, it was one up from being classed as a hovel and was certainly on a par with a museum or an experiment in time travel in terms of its decor.  A des res it was not. However, fast forward a few hours of our life searching on Pinterest, with a generous dollop of imagination to boot, and the hovel had been transfigured into a home of the Gods.

It is great to think that with a little positive thinking and visualisation, we can foresee a better life ahead for ourselves. Okay, so with a kick back into the real world, we didn’t get the house but we did get the vision and a dream to follow and at the end of the day, isn’t that part of life – following and achieving your dreams.





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