What is Anger?


My book contains chapters on how to release negative emotions.

A saint was asked “What is anger?”

He gave a beautiful answer, “It is a punishment we give ourself, for someone else’s mistake.”

These words recently appeared with the most poignant timing, thanks to my beautiful friend Fiona.

I had spent the day (okay, days) so angry about a situation, and seeing these words made me realise that such negative emotions should not be carried by me as a crappy badge of honour for someone else’s failings. I needed to let go of the anger and move forward with strength and determination to rectify the error.

Today’s photo made me realise just how often we can give our power or positive emotions away, thinking it’s for our highest good, when actually, we are often damaging ourselves far more than the perpetrator ever did, and possibly creating dis-ease with the negativity we are harbouring.

Take a moment today to look at a past or present situation that could be released or seen from a new perspective.

Live, learn, release.

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