What is Time?


What exactly is time? Is it a man made concept? A stress inducing framework? A helpful tool in everyday life? As a mother of four, time is often the one thing my day lacks, when school runs, playgroups, mealtimes, refereeing, homework, and bath-time have taken their share.

By definition, time is a measure in which events can be ordered in past, present and future, and also the measure of durations of events and the intervals in between them. Time is the fourth dimension which sounds brilliantly far out.

But do we actually need a concept of time? What if we stopped clock watching, scheduling and appointment booking? What would actually happen? What is the worst case scenario? Time can induce so many of our frequent worries; being late, not having enough time, nostalgia over times gone by, and wishing our time away until some future event or age.

We spend so many minutes, hours, days, and weeks worrying about a situation around us, or a situation that may or may not come to us, and all these worry filled times keep us from being in the very moment that we are in, the very moment we are missing is the only place we can truly control. Whatever will be, will be, no matter how much you worry about it. So let us try to live our life to the full, as I hear that time waits for no man.

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