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My favourite day of the week.

Thursday is my Stop The Week day, when I disconnect from my mobile, emails and demands, and simply reconnect with my soul and senses.

Thursday I get creative; watercolours, acrylics, clay, windfall wood, and more. When I am focused on creating a piece of art, my mind can only be in that moment and process, not in the nostalgic past, the crazy week, or the unknown future.

What outlet do you have in your life which makes you stop and be aware of yourself again? How do you switch off when life gets overwhelming? Do you ever really stop or is life like a hamster wheel where you never step away?

Be sure to create some Me Time each and every day. It doesn’t have to be a massive and unrealistic time frame, find solace in the ordinary moments. It could be a cup of tea in undisturbed silence, a quick brainstorm on creating a new job, or even a five minute decluttering session of things that no longer serve you. Ensure a little daily dose of self-therapy

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