The Road Ahead


Last weekend my family and I travelled back home to visit my parents, where we celebrated our eldest daughter’s birthday. As our time together drew to an end, we bundled up our children and copious childcare related belongings and set off in auto pilot mode on the familiar drive back to Northamptonshire. Off we trundled for many a mile, knowing just where we were heading and how we go about getting there, even being aware of how long it would take us to reach our destination. And then we suddenly encountered a stream of red lights. Brake lights after brake lights after brake lights after brake lights after brake lights, all the way ahead, as far as our eyes could see. We could have sat there stropping, huffing and puffing, feeling defeated, jinxed or demotivated, with our finish line seeming delayed or impossible, but instead, we detoured.

Rather than sitting around and waiting for things to happen for us, we took an alternative route to get us to where we wanted to be. The diversion turned out to be a somewhat more beautiful option than the familiar A14 route, taking us through numerous Cambridgeshire villages, which were cute in both name and aesthetics. There was an unexpected sense of joy in changing the journey plan, trying a new way of doing the same task, rather than focusing on the finishing line of arriving home, which do not get me wrong, getting home was a lovely finishing point with four tired and travel sick children.

Yes, the alternative route was a longer one than the road we had set out on, but it was actually a more enjoyable and relaxing option that we had not considered for ourselves at the point of departing for home. Maybe it was just one of those things, you know, like an accident which sadly often occurs on our busy roads, or maybe it was a symbolic reminder that I needed right now, as I find myself at a crossroads in life. I am not really sure where to head to, but then, even when we think we do know where we should be heading, we still need to consider other ways which may help us to reach our destination. Maybe all roads lead to where you are destined to end up, regardless of your route planning. It may even be possible that your destiny awaits you on the road you try so hard to avoid. Who knows? But let us not forget what Ralph Waldo Emerson quite rightly said “Life is a journey, not a destination” so for now I am going to look at focusing on creating myself a beautiful life journey, whilst my destiny and destination continues to hide itself in a shroud of mystery.

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