The Power of Intention


Many moons ago, Mr and Mrs Knight signed up for a Tai Chi class, as a result of discussing the need to find new things to do together, aside from the obvious pastime of husband and wife. If you are waiting for a tale of great spiritual enlightenment through the medium of Tai Chi, you are about to be sorely disappointed. My husband, Captain Science, was really focused on all things Tai Chi in the lesson, whereas Little Miss Spiritual here, lost it in a fit of giggles, having released one too many Om sounds to hold it together any longer.

It was then, just like being back in school .  You know, the naughty kid at the back of the class, told to come to the front, and then made an example of, as they are used as a guinea pig to demonstrate the next part of the lesson. Bizarrely, the Tai Chi teacher standing directly in front of me said “Try and push me over.” Me, looking somewhat baffled and without movement, was then invited again to try and push over this spiritual being before me. Seeing as I was brought up not dragged up, I was somewhat reluctant at first to manhandle a stranger despite his generous imvitation, but based on the expression “You can take the girl out of Essex, but not Essex out the girl” my playground behaviour and experience of scuffling kicked in, and I gave Mr Tai Chi an almighty shove. What happened? Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Zero. Absolutely bugger all. This slight frame of a man did not move an inch off the spot. Awkward. Cue tumbleweed.

It was then the teacher’s turn to try and push me over, which he informed people he could do by using just two fingers. True to his word, the teacher gently yet firmly pushed me in the chest with two fingers and I was bowled over backwards. Not bowled over due to his flowing brown locks, Lycra clad body, and general aura of loveliness; I was bowled over due to his demonstration on the power of intention.

In Tai Chi, the power of intention is the workings of the mind, which when put into motion, cause chosen events to occur in our life. So when the teacher intended to move me with minimal force, his beliefs that he could, saw the motion occur. Even beyond Tai Chi, our power of intention and beliefs are what either help or hinder us in life, or put more crassly, heal you or kill you.

And here is the point of my convoluted tale; do not limit yourself in life with self-doubt or negative thoughts, have faith in your abilities and above all, always believe in yourself even when others doubt you. As well as believing in yourself, believe in the beauty of life itself, as William James eloquently put it “Belief that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.”

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