Positive Parenting


Today my guest post blog for a parenting magazine was released. In the article I talk about the yin and yang of parenting. I exemplify how we dedicate so much time to formulating a bond with our children, only for the little mites to store up this newly found knowledge and utilise it to push our buttons.

The world of parenting often has a duality about it; encouraging our little bears to take their first steps and then for years just willing them to sit still or to know their whereabouts, waiting with baited breath to hear their first word and then waiting for years to have a moment to get a word in edgeways.  Rumour has it that during the teenage years, some children swap their vocabulary for shoulder shrugs and grunts so some peace may be coming.

In the meantime, I am fortunate enough to be now heading off to listen to the excited chatter of the stories of the world through a four year old girl’s eyes, where 3D shapes include cubeboys and cubegirls apparently.  Who needs cuboids? Just bring on the noise!

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