Pat On The Back


This morning I took a telephone call from Spirit & Destiny magazine regarding my forthcoming story about baby Daisy’s miraculous journey. Hearing someone retell a chapter of your life is an emotional thing, a reminder of everything you have undertaken and survived in order to achieve a heartfelt desire; hope, despair, miracles, spirituality and anything else aside from simply watching and waiting for fate to play its hand to you.

Hearing the story of what we went through reminded me that we should never get complacent about the blessings we have in our daily life, nor underestimate our inner strength and fight or belittle just how much we have been through and what greatness we have created in our lives to date. Our life has had more ups and downs than a much loved see-saw but it was all part of making us the very person we are today. And may I just say, what a very fabulous person you are today.

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