New Year, New Job


Having undergone an emotional 2014, it truly is a new year, new start as I have recently started a new job.  I am working in a retirement village and how life affirming it is.  There is nothing quite as heart-warming as being amongst those with a rich life experience and it is such a contrast to being around my four children when I am in the home environment.

On my first day at the retirement village, the most wonderful lady approached me, wishing to show me this year’s diary as her family always write her birthday in as a reminder for her.  The lady enthusiastically turned each page of her diary but upon reaching December, looked a little taken aback to find a blank page where her birthday should have been noted.  “Oh, my family obviously don’t expect me to make it that far” she said with a twinkle in her 98 year old eyes.

Another delight from the day was having to telephone a gentleman to inform him I had found his hearing aid in the foyer.  You can imagine the hilarity that followed “You’ve lost your hearing aid in the foyer” I announced in a loud voice.  “It is no good, dear, I cannot hear you, I’ve lost my hearing aid” and around and around the conversation went.

I had such a precious day and I went home with my heart feeling slightly fuller.  It is said that we should find a job we love doing and then we will never have to do a days work again in our life.  You know what?  I think I may have done just that.

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