Love Fades


My ten year old son and I recently went out on a dinner date, partly just to spend some one to one time together, but also so I could attempt to show him how to act on a date. Now, you may be questioning why on earth a ten year old needs to learn about the dating game so early on in life. Well, firstly, I am a great believer in “there is no time like the present” especially where manners are concerned, plus he had been with his girlfriend for over two and a half years at the time, and a few months prior he started asking if he could take his girlfriend out for a meal. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so Operation Dinner Date was commenced; the restaurant was booked, along with some theatre tickets to boot, and fast forward to the night in question.

My son was choosing his dapper outfit for the occasion, I was attempting to straighten my unruly naturally wavy hair, and we started talking about his relationship, when right then and there he dropped the curve ball,¬†that after two and a half years, he was no longer with his girlfriend. Wow. I did not see that coming. I asked if he was okay about and asked what had happened, to which the decade old child responded “we just stopped talking and I did not feel the same about her anymore, is that okay to say?” Ummmm, yes, absolutely. Out of the mouth of babes, our son had the wisdom that some people will search their whole lives for in the relationship game. Sometimes, we just simply disconnect with the one we loved, life gets in the way, words don’t come, the stomach flutters stop, and whilst some will stay and accept or tolerate this lesser level of love, others will move on, sometimes choosing to remember the love they once had.

I was genuinely concerned if our sensitive son was doing okay after this recent break-up, to which he enlightened me that it was actually him that ended the relationship as it was not the same anymore…and he had a new girlfriend now anyway. Eh?! It was only Saturday. How do you have another girlfriend so soon, if you only split up with First Love on Friday? Apparently, our little heartbreaker ended one relationship Friday morning, and started the next relationship on the Friday afternoon. When I questioned the speed of his moving on, he told me in the most serious of tones “Well, I waited until after I had had my lunch.”¬†

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