Keep Calm and Carry On


The mass production of items with the words ‘Keep calm and carry on’ plastered on them, do very little in the way of helping us to actually do so. The words may sound simple enough, but in reality, they do nothing to help keep us calm and rational in our daily life.

Every day our sensitive and impressionable minds are exposed to all types of toxicity; disasters in the world, a bad day at work, a loved one’s unhelpful comments, or even making daily toxic choices. Somewhere in our busy day, we need to try and start making a change in which to address our anxious little mind. Taking deep breaths, counting to ten (and often starting again), remember that you are where you are not in the past or future, meditate, quit the melodramatics, do something productive whether its preparing dinner or writing an action plan for the life you desire. And if all else fails, go grab yourself a cup with KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON on it, and have a good old cup of British tea. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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