It’s All About The Money


This is one of the chapter titles from my forthcoming book where I talk about Western society’s obsession with material status. Chapter aside, there have been several moments this week where I have numerous conversations with people complaining about having to zoom off as they have to drive to work in a car on finance, in clothes they find uncomfortable, to sit at a desk in a job that they hate, all whilst leaving the home they are saving and paying for sitting empty. Three people in one week have grumbled about all the dislikes they willingly and knowingly encountering for five days of the week, so that they can be marginally happier on two remaining days of the week.

I am not being unrealistic, I know as well as the next person that we all need a certain level of income to enable us to have the basics in life; warmth, shelter and food for starters. However, there is an element of madness and severe imbalance if we are putting ourselves through so many displeasures and wishing our days away until the weekend is upon us. Lets just hope it is a good weekend when it finally arrives after all the anticipation and build up!

I am not judging anyone for this level of existence as I have done it myself, when years ago I worked full-time in a stressful and target driven job to earn the grand total of £1,138 a month. I worked ridiculous hours as I needed to contribute £500 towards our joint mortgage but it was a fine example of severe disproportion as I used to have to pay £638 per month in nursery fees for our eldest whilst I went out to earn the £500.

I am not saying to quit your day job but I am encouraging you not to quit your dreams either. Drive a car that gets you from A to B rather than status, wear clothes that are appropriate for work but comfortable for your being and if you really do not like your job, start creating daily changes and taking small steps towards your ideal job or dream. It could be reading a book in your lunch time to inspire you, undertaking an evening course to meet like-minded people or using your weekend to write that life plan with a dollop of action to boot.

Until we meet again, I am off to read bedtime stories with our children, I love this role of being a mum, there is no annual salary, holiday entitlement or sick pay but it is the one job which makes me feel truly rich in life.

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