Hocus Pocus and Religion


It is said that we should never discuss politics or religion, but I have woken up with tooth ache and am feeling somewhat rebellious in mood, so here goes. Religion. When we were getting our children Blessed at our local Christian church, the Minister asked what religion we were. My husband did not hesitate in saying he was not a religious man or believer, although if you could prove anything with science you would have his listening ear. When I was asked, it was a somewhat more lengthy response to the poor unprepared Minister. I informed the lovely Simon that no singular religion did it for me, no one way could provide me with the answers or support that I required, so I explained my mixed bag of religious options.

Firstly, I attend a Kadampa Buddhist meditation group to aid my spiritual learning and growth, to take time out for me, a sense of unity, as a reminder of my travelling days, and because the meditations are taught by a hilarious cockney, ex-alcoholic, cockney monk. Secondly, I attend two different Christian churches as I like how the services are formatted, to fulfil my role as a Godmother, to keep me in touch of how I was brought up, I believe in the power of prayers, and with the two Christian churches I attend, I like their sense of community. Thirdly, I am a Spiritualist, and have been for many years, ever since my beautiful step-dad passed away (although it felt far more like being snapped away, as it happened so fast). With this positive role model taken and leaving only a massive void in my life, I had to start believing that there is more to life than just the here and now, this one hit wonder of life. You know, taboo stuff like multiple incarnations and contacting loved ones when they go on to live somewhere without a home landline. Hocus Pocus as many refer to it.

The Minister looked at me with a knowing smile as he declared “Shelley, you are what we call a soul searcher.”  I do not know if I would define myself as a soul searcher, I do not think I can truly even class myself as religious. I think I am more just spiritually curious. A believer of sorts. I have faith. There is no set way which ticks all of my spiritual boxes, but when I have a gut instinct or a lightbulb moment, I go with it on that occasion. That’s probably neither spirituality or religion; just living.

Many spiritual people inspire me. Some devout religious people scare or concern me. There is a quote by a Sioux called Vine Deloria, that goes “Religion is for people who are afraid of going to hell. Spirituality is for those who have already been there.” and I kind of love that. I have had a…colourful…eventful…roller-coaster life to date and feel comfortable dabbling with the multi-faceted world of spirituality. I would not like to mutter the words “I’m spiritual” as I think when you have to claim yourself as being spiritual, it kind of taints it. you know, when you have to tell people as they cannot see it or feel it for themselves. Plus, the “I’m spiritual” folks that I have accounted across the years, have an unhealthy amount of tie-dye attire about them, which really is not my thing, that is one thing I know for sure.

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