Growing Old Disgracefully


I do not wholeheartedly believe in one God as such, but I do love stories of G.O.D – Growing Old Disgracefully. I have met so many demure ladies over the years, who remind me of days gone by when society dressed immaculately, took care of their reputation as much as they cared for their home, and it truly is a beautiful thing. Wearing purple was considered rebellious unless worn as a hair rinse, ladies wore dresses (“frocks”) not trousers, and friends were either in your home, heart or address book, not simply called a friend due to the presence of a social media page.

As we age, it is generally held that our health will age and deteriorate too, with words such as arthritis, hiatus hernia, dentures, warfarin, cataracts, leg ulcers, blood pressure, piles, and liver spots all being particular favourite topics of daily conversations amongst the golden agers. However, with the advancement of modern medicine, many signs of physical ageing, as well as the slowing down of disease progression, the older generations are living longer than previous generations.

Whilst their loved ones will still depart, leaving them without their lifelong companion but with solitary years still ahead for them, those in their later years are embracing the next chapter in their life. From Saga to lager, the Saga Louts are swinging between inspiring to perspiring, when they share with us, their stories of how to embrace later life. Skydiving, yoga, pole dancing, weight lifting, and other ways to feel alive and keep active, including good old sex. Apparently, sexually transmitted diseases are at the highest point ever, in those over 60 years of age! Tattoos, plastic surgery and toy boys to boot, the previous “oldies” can make us feel old with their energy, determination, goals and achievements.

Growing old is inevitable, but growing up is optional. And whilst I will always hold the image of my beautiful demure grandmothers with the utmost regard, a reminder of times (and behaviours) gone by, there is still something wonderfully uplifting about hearing the stories of growing old disgracefully, and the fact they still feel so alive, despite a lifetime of experience and loss of their best friend. So for me, I will be found on the sidelines cheering on the Saga Louts to the very end.

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