Great Expectations


I recently wrote a book chapter titled Great Expectations which tells of how my beautiful Dad used to say “Never have expectations in life then you will never be disappointed.” There is an absolute element of truth to his words but as we go about our daily lives, whether or not we are aware of it, we do carry great expectations with us.

Just this weekend I arrived at work filled with positivity, expecting another day of shared moments with the young at heart. This positive expectation stripped me bare of my safety barrier, so I was caught off guard and unprepared for the moment that I witnessed.



I don’t know which is the correct term, but I do know there was sadness in my heart, for sure.

I will not tell you of the situation that unfolded before me but I will advise you this. If you are blessed enough to have a loving partner beside you, look in to their eyes whilst they still recognise you, share loving banter whilst they know only love, tell them why you love them whilst they are aware of the things they do, and speak of your hopes for the future before they only remember the past. For one moment, look at your loved one with pure love and nothing else, as one day you may well be looking at them with anger, anguish, fear, despair, and love of the person they once were.

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