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Book containing tools to help change your current mindset…and life.

Brendon Burchard, a high performance coach, once said “…And then one day I decided that hurry and stress were no longer going to be part of my life” and these words were a light bulb moment for me, after months and months of debating about my career path. A real head versus heart internal battle had been going on. My busy head would throw figures and duty issues onto my thought train, covering up the gentler and more subtle sounds of my heart, that was reminding me of my challenging journey so far, and to be truer to myself.

It is okay to question if there is more to life than this working pattern. Even the highly successful and world famous Justin Bieber has recently announced he is taking a break to slow things down, look at his deep rooted issues, and be the husband and father he wants to be, as health and family are his priority.

I am not urging you all to go out and recklessly hand your notice in on this very day, but if your work/life balance is seriously out of balance, or you are filled with anxiety or dread every time you wake up to go to work, then do start looking at what you can change from today.

I totally get that there are bills to pay which sees us stuck on a hamster wheel of work and money, but when I recognised that I was paying the bills with my health far my then through financial contributions, I knew situations needed to change.

I emphasise this point of identifying a need to create change in my book, Positive Changes: A Self-Kick Book. The book contains numerous tools, included those to encourage you to look at one area of your life and see how you can change it; start writing an action plan of where you want to see yourself, apply for that evening course to learn that skill you’ve always wanted to do, find an outlet to help strengthen your mental health…

Wishing you a wonderful day (and life) ahead.

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