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Today, I fully intended to wake up, do yoga, have breakfast, and smoothly do all of my business posts for the day before the children woke up.

However, in reality, I woke up feeling sick, the dog obviously not wanting to be outwitted by my nausea promptly vomited twice, one child refused to eat, drink, brush, or dress anything near his body, another’s body had had a growth spurt over the weekend and her school trousers no longer fitted, and the eldest lost his keys which led to an angry and frustrating treasure hunt, all before an Olympic worthy sprint finish for the school doors before the bell rang.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have had better starts to the working week! I am supposed to be working on a journal article today, but given all the above I am being gentle with myself. The article deadline is Friday, but I like to think that no one has ever actually died from missing a deadline, so if you want me, I can be found sipping herbal tea, with intermittent bursts of creativity as I work towards my newly named “angryline” rather than “deadline.”

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