Author’s new book receives a warm literary welcome


Readers’ Favorite announces the 5-star review of the Non-Fiction – Self Help book “Positive Changes” by Shelley F. Knight, currently available at Amazon.

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Shelley F. Knight’s Positive Changes is a compilation of thoughts and anecdotes designed to help readers see things more positively, despite the negative circumstances in their lives. The book contains exceptional real-life tales, thoughtprovoking quotations, insightful study findings, encouraging phrases, and direct counsel.

Readers are recommended to choose what resonates with them from the book since it provides alternate concepts that might benefit individuals with different mindsets at different phases. Procrastination is addressed in the section Countdown Clock, which also reminds us that life is too short to spend it continuously putting things off. Shelley challenges the reader to begin making their impact on the world, even if it is just at a snail’s speed, in Calling All Snails. Expect to find several more profound ideas throughout the book.

You can’t help but be impressed by the perceptive book that author Shelley F. Knight has written since it has extremely practical and thought-provoking language that gives excellent suggestions for molding one’s mind in many real-life scenarios.

Because everyone’s narrative is distinct and no single answer is likely to fix everyone’s problem, the book, with its assortment of conflicting yet thoroughly logical concepts, is far more practical and realistic than most other self-help books I’ve come across. Positive Changes is never dull since it provides a well-balanced combination of unabashedly candid counsel, well-chosen quotes and facts, and personal tales that portray the author as a relatable mother, wife, and more. If you find yourself feeling unhappy while having a lot going for you, or if you just want to get rid of negative thinking, I highly recommend Positive Changes!

Reviewed By Foluso Falaye for Readers’ Favorite

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