Amazing Monday


A new day is dawning.

As a society we can place so much emphasis on certain days fulfilling certain emotions and mindsets; Monday is bleurgh, Friday is full of thank goodness, Saturdays are allegedly what it’s all about, New Years Day is all about a brand new start that no other day of the year seems to be able to take credit for.

I don’t know whether it comes from years of nursing and shift patterns, but that survive Monday to Friday to thrive on the weekend mentality simply doesn’t resonate with me. For me, every day is a new start, a privilege denied to many, so we should be grateful and happy. If we are not grateful or happy, something needs changing in your life; you shouldn’t just go through life, but try and grow through life and really blossom into a happy existence.

There will be bad days over love and loss, challenging work issues and health problems, yes absolutely. But if you have love (self or external), a job, and your health but still feel bleurgh on a Monday, what needs to change?

I wrote a blog years ago about how one week I kept observing people complaining to me about how they drive to work in a car they can’t really afford, wearing clothes that are not really them, to sit at a desk in a job that they hate, to pay for a house they are rarely in. Is this you? If you are only happy two days of the week, this equates to you only being happy for two years out of seven years over time.

Don’t wait until New Years Day to start making positive changes, start jotting down that action plan today, and be a rebel and make Monday an amazing day.

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