All Roads Lead To China


Today, I attended a Mind, Body and Spirit fair, which was predominantly stall after stall of some type of reader or another; be it a medium, psychic, palmist, or astrologer. Whilst I did not indulge in a reading, I did speak with many like-minded folk, and it seemed that all of the most enjoyable aspects of the day related to Ancient China.

I missed a talk on 888 The Lion’s Gate as my tongue caught the attention of a acupuncturist, I was offered numerous cups of various Chinese teas by some lovely folk who thought they could teach me the art of dowsing (they couldn’t and they were left looking baffled despite their twenty years of experience), I received spiritual healing from a beautiful Chinese practitioner, attended a talk on Wu Wei wisdom, and a talk on Inner Guidance that was actually based on Taoist roots. I tell you: All roads lead to China.

Is it synchronicity, coincidence, a sign or bugger all? Who knows, but for me personally it is a sign, so I am off to order a Chinese take away to scoff whilst I think of how to take my next step to spiritual growth and enlightenment.

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