A Reason, a Season, a Lifetime


There is a saying “People come into your life for a reason, a season, a lifetime.” I have heard this quote thrown around for many, many years but it was only when *cough* hit the fan last year that the words started to resonate with me. Even as an author on positive thinking, I can quite honestly say that 2014 was a horrific year, as years go. Crappier than a crap thing. Oh my goodness, a positive thinker talking negatively? Yes, because quite frankly it was an awful and heart-wrenching year, even if I glamorise it with positivity and an entire tube of glitter. “You can put lipstick on a pig” and all that.

2014 was a time of great emotional pressure for me, and whilst some people proved themselves to be in it for the long haul, over the year, more of my former friendships were culled than feral badgers. As connections ended, others, many who were previously just acquaintances, stood by me through the hard times and truly transformed from coal into absolute diamonds under the pressure. These gems truly stepped up to the mark of being into my life for a reason, three seasons, and a lifetime; an unexpected blessing in times of darkness and uncertainty.

So, some friends were lost and others were found, and that is just one of those funny little things about life. In our lifetime, we slowly come to realise that every one we meet will know something we don’t, so just one person out of the seven billion in the world, can change your life, and in turn, you too have the ability to change someone’s life. A friend, lover, teacher, stranger, vicar, postman, or child; try to be kind to everyone you encounter as they may well hold the key to your life, or at least one chapter of your life story.

Often the reason someone steps into your life is because you have expressed a need for help, fate has presented them to you, or you have had a chance meeting and a spark was felt, and they are here to support you or connect with you in a certain environment or situation. However, it can feel that no sooner have they come, and they are gone again. This is often through no wrongdoing on your part, this chapter has simply ended, the relationship is over, a sense of equality or balance is lost, and it is time to move forward without them. Sometimes we need to realise that this is not because of us directly, moreover it is just our initial need has been met, our personal growth is starting to blossom in a new direction, and their part in your life is done.

The seasonal friend is destined to be with you for longer; a period of time to share, learn, and grow together, not some fleeting connection or snippet of conversation. The seasonal guest may bring you joy, tears, rewards, or challenges, but regardless of what the seasonal connection presents, you will most certainly grow from the time you have shared together, and personally, I find this somewhat beautiful, to be able to touch on someone’s life but without unnecessarily prolonging your stay.

And then we have the lifetime category; relationships that last a lifetime are by no means light, fluffy, rainbow-coloured, or perfect, these blessings are made of tough stuff. It is proffered that when a friendship lasts for more than seven years, it will last a lifetime. So, make it through that seven year itch and you could well be on the homeward stretch to happily ever after. Lifetime relationships may encounter many trials and tribulations, disagreements, a sense of loss, change, and ups and downs, but all of these experiences help to build the solid and trustworthy emotional foundations to see you through. All of the reason and season visitors will have helped consolidate your learning into this precious lasting relationship, where it said that love is blind and our friends are clairvoyant.

If you take the time to look back at those lost along the way, it may sadden you, you may miss them, but fact of the matter is that they have brought you to where you are today. When you figure out whether people have come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime, you will be able to accept that everything to date has happened for a reason, and you can move forwards in your blessed life for many more seasons to come.

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