A Drum Journey


Last Friday night, I experienced a Reiki Drum Journey for the first time ever, and as I have said before, my dear dad used to tell me “Never have expectations in life then you’ll never be disappointed.” Given that I have meditated for years, I am not entirely sure what I was expecting. Probably a gently spoken story told to the sound of a beating drum, whereby I would be transported back to a previous incarnation when I was a Native American. Who knows?

What I actually got was a really loud drumming sound that made my body vibrate all over, a sound that was so overpowering, I could not hear myself think enough to ask the questions I had hoped to have had answered in the drum meditation experience.

After our drum journey had ended, we were invited to share our visions and experiences that blessed us to our very soul. The lady next to me (a Buddhist, apparently) told how she found herself standing amongst Native AmericansĀ and could hear theirĀ conversations and songs in the drum’s vibrations. Oh, it was a beautiful and blessed connection they all shared, truly touching her to her very core. What an amazing tale to share with the group. And then, it was my turn to enlighten the others with my personal experience.

“I was a yorkshire pudding.”

Picture it if you will, the newcomer to a meditation group, openly voicing that my virginal sacred drum journey had turned me into a baked batter side dish. Bewilderment, tumbleweed, silence and awkward grimaces followed. It probably would have been a good point to stop the story telling, but alas, I had yet to share that my body just felt round and almost dough-like and my stomach proper concaved.

But sharing is caring, right?

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