S1E6: Speak Your Truth


In this episode we are going to be diving in and encouraging you to speak your truth. Sometimes the truth may come out as bad, upsetting, or filter free. However, I truly believe that honesty is generally the best policy. Obviously, if you are going to blurt out a home truth, do a risk assessment beforehand, as there is a time and a place for everything, including our words.

“Speak your truth” means cognitively remembering the facts and relaying them from your heart. No script. No people pleasing, just authentic truth. We are not speaking from a place of intentional hurt or upset, just sharing our side of the story, in our ever evolving life story. 

Your words matter. 

You matter.

Be True To Yourself chapter from Positive Changes: A Self-Kick Book by Shelley F. Knight (2018) New Generation Publishing

Sivana East article Why Your Friendships Never Last (2019):

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