Armchair Aerobics

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It appears that I’m now of an age where I can no longer eat what the hell I like and boast about my super duper metabolism. Nope, now a minute on the lips starts to slide down onto my hips, thereby creating a padded cake shelf, which I could blame on having had four children, but it wasn’t there before the autumnal nights of red wine, chocolate and savoury snacks slipped into my life

Unicorns and Mortality

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The word January originates from a Latin word meaning “an obligation to ask everyone if they had a nice Christmas” or “What is your new year’s resolution?” Actually, as you have probably already concluded, that is not based on a true story. January is named after Janus, the god of new beginnings and transitions, so there is a tenuous link between making resolutions and new beginnings.

Leap Of Faith

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So often we are told to step outside of our comfort zone or to take a leap of faith, but how often do we actually go for it? How many hours, days, weeks, and years pass before we do actually change our norm? We can get so stuck in our daily habits and routines, that we never get the desire or chance to look at why we are actually here on this earthly plane.

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