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S2E7: How to Succeed Through Failure with Russell Nohelty

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In this episode, Shelley talks to Russell Nohelty, USA Today best selling author and speaker, who teaches creatives how to lead a complete and successful life through his teaching academy, The Complete Creative. Join Shelley and Russell as they talk about overcoming failure, self care, knowing your audience, creativity, and positive changes.  RUSSELL’S BOOKS RUSSELL’S…

S2E6: Living, Birthing and Mothering with Presence with Vanessa Long

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In this episode, Shelley talks to Vanessa Long, an Ayurvedic Wellness Coach, Ayurdoula, Pregnancy and Postpartum Coach. Listen to Shelley and Vanessa discussing fertility, parenting, Mooji, and positive changes. Business: Ayurveda Mama Vanessa’s Book Recommendation: Ayurveda for Women: A Guide to Vitality and Health SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS Facebook Twitter Website Email:

S2E3: It Is More Than A Diagnosis with Dr Erin Jacobs

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In this episode, Shelley talks to Dr Erin Jacobs, a chiropractor, wife and mother, who is known as The Special Needs Specialist. Listen to this touching connection as Dr Erin shares and connects with Shelley about parenting, a life-changing diagnosis, and positive changes. Business name: The Special Needs Specialist SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS Chiropractor Facebook Page…

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